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Southern railway and british railways multi lamp colour light signalGreat Weestern railway searchlight signal

Signalist SC1 - LED signal DCC decoder for UK signals

The signalist SC1 is ideal for the connection of UK coloured light signals. It is compatible with any signals that use LEDs and includes built in configurable current limiting. Most forms of signal LED wiring are supported including common anode, common cathode and inverse parallel.
The SC1 includes built in configurations to make the control of  multi-aspect signals easier including:-
In addition it is possible to control each LED individually or create user defined configurations. See the relevent page for more detailed configuration information.
Two aspect signal wiring diagram
Three or four aspect signal wiring diagram
Two or three aspect searchlight wiring diagram
Four aspect searchlight signal wiring diagram
Two aspect signal with feather and optional seperate pivot lamp wiring diagram
Three aspect signal with feather wiring diagram
Four aspect signal with feathers wiring diagram
Three aspect searchlight signal with multiple feathers wiring diagram
Four aspect searchlight signal with multiple feathers wiring diagram
Great western twin head searchlight signal wiring diagram
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