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Automation software

Using automation software to automatically set the aspects will get the best from your signals and free you up to drive trains. All of the following automation software will work with the Signalist SC1.


A very powerful and free to download open source suite of programs including the DecoderPro programming utility and PanelPro layout automation system. JMRI can be run on your PC or just a simple Raspbery Pi fixed under the baseboard. Many of the signal systems integrated into JMRI are configured ready for the SC1 and Decoderpro has decoder definitions for the SC1 already integrated.


An alternative free to download automation program which has most of its signal definitions pre-configured for the SC1.

Railroad & Co

A very popular commercial suite of automation software which is easy to configure to work with the SC1.


Very flexible automation software intended to work with CTI's own feedback hardware and some DCC systems.


Prototypical signal control system which is compatible with some DCC systems.



The best supported DCC stand alone programmer which can also be used as a command station. Ideal for driving a separate accessory bus to keep your signalling separate as well as for programming your Signalist products.

Signal suppliers

CR Signals

Extensive range of UK colour light signals in N and 00.

Coastal DCC

Supplies TrainTech UK colour light signals.

Model Junction

Supplies Oregon Rail Supply and Tomar signal parts for North American signals.

Signalling reference

The Signal box

Lots of UK signal information including some of the more obscure.

Railroad Signals of the US

Excellent source of North American signal information.

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