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Sample signals controlled by SC1s

North American signals

Signalist SC1

The Signalist SC1 signal mast controller comes with built in configurations for most railroads and can be easily configured for any specific location. Simple to set up you can be up and running in minutes with just a single CV to configure the mast type and simple wiring direct to the signal LEDs and DCC supply.

Brightness and searchlight colour can be adjusted by changing CV settings with 65 thousand shades of yellow and 16 million shades of Lunar White possible. Once set colour and brightness will remain fixed regardless of power supply voltage.

The SC1 will connect to wires as thin as 38SWG so there is no problem hiding the wiring within the signal mast and with current control on board the SC1 series current limiting resistors are eliminated making wiring even simpler.

Powered by the DCC track supply makes wiring the SC1 as straightforward as possible

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