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Signalist SC2 - Point servo decoder

DCC servo decoder with integrated frog switching for use with standard RC servos, Signalist SB1 point motors, or Peco PLS125 point motors. Will operate four points (or crossovers with 'Y' cables). Can be powered by the DCC track supply, by 16V AC or 12V DC supplies as required.

See the SC2 manual for more information.

With servos now costing much less than slow motion point motors or even solenoid point motors there has never been a better time to start using servos. The SC2 decoder makes using servos easier than it has ever been. Everything you need to control four points or crossovers is all on the compact SC2 bringing into a single module what would traditionally require at least three seperate components.

The SC2 can be powered completely from the track supply to make motorising that remote junction a doddle if you do not have a 16V AC or 12V DC supply at hand.

For simple installation there is no need to visit the programming track, just use the address programming jumper to set the address automatically once the SC2 has been installed.

The SC2 makes wiring very simple, just two wires to the track, a wire to each frog and plug in the servos. What could be simpler. Extra terminals are provided to power the SC2 from a seperate 16V AC or 12V DC power supply and to connect the DCC signal to a seperate accessory bus if desired.

The SC2 is the easiest and most cost effective solution to control your live frog points.

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