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News feed                                                                Signalist SC1 - DCC decoder for LED signals

The Signalist range of products has been designed to meet the real requirements of DCC model railway control and provide features not available on existing mainstream products that will make a real difference.

Installation of accessory decoders is simplified by being able to source power from the DCC track supply saving the need to run extra cabling and to buy an extra power supply in many cases. The SC1 signal decoder includes variable current limiting to not just eliminate the need for external current limiting resistors but to set the individual brightness and in some cases the colour of signals to match their environment.

One of the key features of the SC1 is the support for the NMRA extended accessory protocol which when implemented can significantly reduce the DCC traffic through the command station to give better command station response from lower latency by reducing traffic and offloading control overhead from the control system to the decoder.

In many cases there can be a considerable cost saving to be made when using Signalist products, for example using the SC1+DP8 combination to control eight Dapol semaphore signals is a quarter of the cost of using the available products from other suppliers as well as being simpler to install.

The SC2 point decoder makes the most of the low cost of RC servos and the simplicity of the SB1 slow motion motors to provide a low cost solution for point control. With switching for both polarities of a crossover on board the decoder the complication of providing extra switching on live frog crossovers is completely eliminated and in many cases the cost of a reversing module can be saved too.

As you will see most of the above features cannot be found on other accessory decoder solutions and once you have tried a signalist decoder you will wonder how you ever managed without. Take a look around the site to see some of the things that Signalist decoders can do, and have a look at the extensive manuals for step by step guides on how to do it.

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